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The Outdoors Awaits!

Experience the scenic, rustic, and luxurious lifestyle at Naro Moru River Lodge as you stay with us. From discovering the towering heights of Mount Kenya, to mountain biking, bird watching, excursions, camping, and fine dining. Come explore!

Mountain Bike Riding

Naro Moru River Lodge is home to some of the best mountain bike trails in the area. We have a well-developed technical track of international standard for mountain bikers passing through the tropical vegetation and covering a distance of 10kms with fly over bridges.  

The entire track was designed by renowned cyclist David Kinjah and developed entirely under his supervision and lies entirely within the extensive Lodge compounds.  

The Lodge also has a joint project CSR with the Safari Simbaz Trust which is aimed at creating an onsite cycling centre to house bike mechanics, equipment and spares, trained guides and coaches to support the Lodges cycling activities as well as the community needs.  

The young men and women who are already engaged in this venture under the tutelage of David Kinjah are available to provide specialized support for events hosted at the Lodge or in the neighboring communities.  

The facility has been host to various local cycling competitions and tours over the last 7 years, (some with international participation i.e., The Kenya National Mountain Biking Championships in 2022), and has all the requisite resources to ensure international level execution of events of this nature.  

Since trails are located right at the lodge, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the amenities and activities that the lodge has to offer before or after your ride. 

Bird Watching

Naro Moru River lodge is one of the top ornithological sites in Kenya. It’s a prime destination for bird-watching activity year-round. The tremendous geographical range gives Kenya a diverse spectrum of temperatures and landscapes, resulting in the second-largest number of bird species in Africa. Kenya holds the world record ‘bird watch,’ with 342 species spotted in 24 hours! 
Naro Moru River Lodge is host to an exceptional variety of birdlife: crowned hornbill, Abyssinian ground thrush, Tacazze Sunbird, Montane White-eye, Black and White Manikin, silvery-cheeked hornbill, and the red-fronted parrot. Be among the first to experience high-flying magic. Along the way, expect to sight unique wildlife like the tree hyrax, and black and white colobus monkeys. 


Naro Moru River Lodge is a convenient camping destination for tents and motor homes; open year-round and dedicated to providing you with the best camping experience possible 

Our Amenities include: 

  • Laundry at a charge 
  • Restroom/Hot shower facilities 
  • Common Kitchen and Fridge 

Mountain Climbing

Ready to go higher? Experience the thrill of mountain climbing at Naro Moru River Lodge! Located on the foothills of Mt. Kenya and only a 2 ½ hrs drive from Nairobi City, between Nyeri and Nanyuki towns. Our rustic yet alluring mountain lodge is the perfect base for your next adventure. Discover towering heights and breathtaking views as you challenge yourself to reach new heights with mountain climbing. 

Fun Facts 

We are the primary base for climbing Mount Kenya 

  • The Naro Moru route begins at the Lodge, with a hearty breakfast and interactions with local guides as they prepare your itinerary. We’ve done this since 1949. We know the mountain like the back of our hand, that’s why we’re one of the very best. 
  • The Naro Moru route is one of the most scenic Mount Kenya climbing routes. Along the way expect to witness distinct flora and fauna including the giant lobelia (Deckenii Keniensi) tree that only blooms after 10 years. 

We offer the quickest route up and down the mountain. 

  • One of our popular routes, the Naro Moru Route is also one of our shortest routes to Pt. Lenana the 3rd highest peak. Let our experienced team take you right to the mountain’s summit in one weekend; you can arrive on a Friday morning, go up the mountain and get back down to the base by Sunday evening, all while appreciating distinct flora and vibrant bird and wildlife along the way.

We’ve hiked with the youngest and the oldest.  

  • The youngest climber to climb Mount Kenya from the Naro Moru River Lodge climbing base was a 6-year-old boy from the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia in 2008 and the oldest climber was an 84-year-old Eritrean man. We are careful to assign only professional guides who can manage different groups and mountain climbing parties with ease, all year round.

We pride ourselves in having some of the standing facilities on Mount Kenya:  

  • Our Met Station Lodge lies 10,000 feet above sea level and was first constructed in 1973 with a capacity of 30 bunk beds. It’s fitted with solar lighting, Asian flush toilets, kitchens, fireplace and a snack shack with reasonable prices  
  • Our Mackinder’s Camp/Teleki Lodge has a capacity of 66 bunk beds lying at an altitude of 14,200 feet above sea level. 

Team building Activities

We offer quality team-building experiences together with 5-star eco lodge accommodation. Our team-building packages can be tailor-made with activities that offer exciting challenges, creative expression, well-being, and problem-solving – all within spectacular surroundings. Let us create your perfect team-building event. 


Let creativity and new ideas take shape during a conference at Naro Moru River Lodge. Surrounded by the breathtaking grandeur of Kenya’s natural landscapes the setting is ideal for big ideas that are outside the box. Whether it is an exclusive, refined, and intimate indoor venue or a lush outdoor setting, we will cater to your every need with personalized attention. 

Our full conference package includes two tea breaks and a lunch break of full buffet prepared by our highly ranked and professionally proven chefs to give your meal that thrilling and well-seasoned, succulent taste of perfection. 

Makutano Conference Hall:   
  • Offers seating for 120 people theatre style.  
  • 90 people classroom style and  
  • 40 people in a round table  
Mt. Kenya Complex:  
  • Offers seating for 60 people theatre style.  
  • 45 people classroom style 
  • 25 people in a round style  
  • With a seating capacity of 10 people.  

Meeting rooms can be arranged to accommodate the needs of clients with advance notice such as the set-up of a dedicated media center and break-out spaces. 

We offer several value addition packages that includes: 

  • WI-FI in meeting rooms and public areas 
  • Printer 
  • Stationery 
  • Non- Smoking Meeting and Events Facilities 
  • Audio Visual Equipment that includes:  Microphone, Sound System , LCD Projector, and Computer 
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