Naro Moru

best activities to do at naro moru

Mountains have a considerable fascination to people. If you ask most of the mountaineers the reason for loving the sport, they would probably not give you a straightforward answer. In most cases, mountains pause as challenges especially to the adventurous people. Naro Moru River Lodge gives mountaineers an opportunity to pursue and also train progressively for the big climb in our specially designed challenge course, with numerous activities to keep your body fit.

The sport is a spiritual pursuit as well as physical. As you pursue the climb often you may experience a feeling of joy and sadness, triumph and defeat but always developing that spirit to keep going. It is uncommon for someone to wake up one day and decide to try mountaineering. It is a natural progression that takes time to grow, it may start with a rock climber to pursue further, which we provide at the Lodge.

Naro Moru River Lodge has a route, known as the Naro Moru route to Mt. Kenya which is the shortest and most challenging. The route is a 3- 4days trek to reach Pt. Lenana peak, though, there are alternative routes which take a longer time. Either you are going for a short or a long climb the quality is not just determined by the altitude climbed, but also by a number of other factors.

 In most cases the motivation is, whatever the reason for the climb, the goal is always to the same. To reach the top. Mountaineering often involves a whole spectrum of emotions. Words can hardly describe the sense of freedom that comes with ascending a mountain. You get to discover more about yourself.

The sport is personally challenging and there are obvious benefits to it like; physical fitness improvement and the aerobic exercise gives a sense of confidence and brings about team spirit as well as personal life goals without realizing it. There is an achievement of the ultimate goal. It is an exercise that needs personal experience!

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