About Us – some facts about our Lodge

Our Vision

To continue evolving within the local and international hospitality industry through nurturing our core values which are driven by the personality of our people while delivering a sustainable and efficient service with passion to our customers.

Our Mision

Naro Moru River Lodge strives to be the preferred provider of hospitality services that exceed customer expectations. The company seeks to do so while improving the living standards of its employees and the local community. The company will ensure optimum shareholders return and security of their investment, whilst contributing to environmental conservation.

Our Slogan

“Natural & Hospitable”

  • Natural- we take pride in our natural location and so continue to nurture, care for and maintain the lodges’ environs.
  • Hospitable- our persona reflects comfort and warmth, our people striving constantly to make you feel at home.
  • Our Core Values

  • Excellence- with energy and efficiency we strive to maintain unmatched standards at the lodge.
  • Reputation- we value our reputation and seek to provide consistent, reliable and trustworthy services.
  • Loyalty-our loyalty is to our customers who remain our number one priority.
  • A small travel trough history

    Naro Moru River Lodge is located at 2,155 meters (7,100 ft), tucked by the side of Mount Kenya, 16 km south of the Equator, in a 71-acres stream-fed enclave of peace and serenity.
    The Lodge consists of 34 rooms, twelve self-catering cottages and a campsite. The 34 rooms have private baths, generous fireplaces, and overlook the Naro Moru River. Guests have a chance to unwind at either of the two restaurants or bars on the grounds.
    The Lodge has a swimming pool facing Mt. Kenya, a tennis court, a half basketball court, one squash court and a sauna to unwind from the long hikes that are possible on the extensive grounds and Mt. Kenya treks
    In addition, there are ample opportunities to interact with the surrounding community through biking or half-day trips, visit animal conservancy like OlPejeta, take time to retrace kenyan history to Mau Mau Caves, Barden Powell grave, bird watching and mountain hiking. If this is not enough, there is always Mt. Kenya to climb!

    The Lodge offers extensive mountain climbing facilities, with equipment for hire, and experienced, trained guides and porters to assist you climb Kenya’s highest mountain.

    Custom itineraries are available, from day hikes in Mt. Kenya National Park, 5 days long climbs and a three-day trek on Naro-Moru Route to the triple peaks of Lenana, Batian and Nelion.

    Our Heritage