Naro Moru

  • Immerse yourself in the eco-lodge lifestyle

    A rustic eco-lodge experience

  • Audacious expedition to Mount Kenya's highest peak

    Trek, Climb and Conquer Mt. Kenya with the best

  • Proud of our natural setting making you feel at home

    Natural and hospitable


Karibu Naro Moru

River Lodge 

A rustic and enchanting mountain lodge at the foothills of Mount Kenya. Located 16 km south of the Equator, in a 71-acres stream-fed enclave of peace and serenity. 

Our Packages

Here’s to exciting experiences that will inspire you to explore, discover and connect with nature.

Enjoy an extra night of bliss on us with our exclusive free night accommodation package. Extend your stay and soak up to the serenity of an ecolodge.

With itineraries that suit all tastes and ages, our school holiday packages are a perfect fit for the school break.

For an exceptional conference experience, combine productivity with a touch of serenity. Our conference packages offer state-of-the-art facilities, stunning views, and a sustainable environment.

Our Experience

Unrivaled experiences that will inspire you in every direction as you explore the wonders of nature.

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Bird Watching

Naro Moru River lodge is one of the top ornithological sites in Kenya. It’s a prime destination for bird-watching activity year-round.

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Mountain Bike Riding

Naro Moru River Lodge is home to some of the best mountain bike trails in the area.

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Mountain Climbing

Ready to go higher? Experience the thrill of mountain climbing at Naro Moru River Lodge!

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Our Lifestyle

It’s more than just accommodation. It’s becoming one with nature, holistic health and wellness.

Explore, discover and connect

By design, we offer significant open space between our individual quaint accommodations, al fresco gourmet day-to-night dining spaces, soaring peaked lodges, and welcoming campfires.

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