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Naro Moru River Lodge is set in the Shadow of Mt. Kenya’s Majestic Slopes and is a unique Cabin Eco Lodge that is a perfect destination to offer different routes to the mountain’s majestic peaks, point Lenana, Batian and Nelion an enthralling adventure-wise as they are scenic. The lodge was originally a farm house taken over by Alliance Hotels in 1978.
Naro Moru River Lodge occupies over 70 acres and is located east of the Rift Valley. Mt. Kenya lies about 140 km North-East of Nairobi just 2 ½ hour’s drive from the capital, with its Northern flanks across the Equator.
Naro Moru River lodge, is built on the banks of the snow fed Naro Moru River which flows through the hotel grounds.
The lodge offers a range of accommodation including 36 rooms all set along the river bank with a clear view of Mt. Kenya, private bathroom and toilet, in addition to 5 self catering cottages, 5 country homes, bunk houses and campsite. It also offers accommodation facilities at our Teleki Camp: Met & Mackinder stations based in Mt. Kenya National Park.
Dining facilities include the Nelion- pool restaurant and the Kirinyaga restaurant serving international cuisine and traditional African dishes. The lodge has two bars: Lenana bar & Batian Bar which also serve coffee and fresh juices.
Sports facilities include a swimming pool, lawn tennis court, outdoor table tennis court, squash court, a sauna, bird watching and nature trails, biking and mountain safaris. In addition to this we have an outdoor Naro Moru River Lodge Challenge course. Naro Moru is also the base for climbing Mt. Kenya and has several experienced guides & porters on hire and a specialized equipment store for hire of specialized mountain gear.

We are the primary base for climbing Mount Kenya

The Naro Moru route begins at the lodge, with a hearty breakfast and interactions with local guides as they prepare your itinerary. We’ve done this since 1949. We know the mountain like the back of our hand, that’s why we’re one of the very best.
The Naro Moru route is one of the most scenic Mount Kenya climbing routes. Along the way expect to witness distinct flora and fauna including the giant lobelia (Deckenii Keniensi) tree that only blooms after 10 years.

We offer the quickest route up and down the mountain

One of our popular routes the Naro Moru Route is also one of our shortest routes to Pt. Lenana the 3rd highest peak. Let our experienced team take you right to the mountain’s summit in one weekend; you can arrive on a Friday morning, go up the mountain and get back down to the base by Sunday evening, all while appreciating distinct flora and vibrant bird and wildlife along the way. We have some of the oldest standing facilities/lodges on Mount Kenya?
Our Met Station Lodge lies at 10,000 Feet above sea level and was first constructed in 1973.

We are on prime location

The lodge sits along the banks of the Naro Moru River that flows from the Lewis Glacier on Mount Kenya through Naro Moru town and ends up in the Ewaso Ngiro River. It also passes right at the centre of the lodge and you can see it and hear it from every view point in the lodge. In the mornings awake to the sounds of the black and white colobus monkeys.

We are one of the top ornithological sites in Kenya

Naro Moru River lodge is also one of the top ornithological sites in Kenya that is host to an exceptional variety of birdlife: crowned hornbill, Abyssinian ground thrush, Tacazze Sunbird, Montane White-eye, Black and White Manikin, silvery-cheeked hornbill, and the redfronted
parrot. Be among the first to experience high-flying magic. Along the way, expect to sight unique wildlife like the tree hyrax, black and white colobus monkeys, amongst other forest dependants.

We’re not just about mountain climbing

We also cater to the nature lovers. We take pride in our thrilling bird watching safaris and nature trails that will see you eye many of the 80 plus bird species living in and around the lodge’s vicinity. Expect to experience so much more of Mother Nature beyond the lodge’s confines on foot or while cycling through untamed forest,Game drives and excursions.

Experience world class game drives at the most famous conservancies in Kenya while lodging with us,We organise business conferences and tailor made team building activities for corporates, schools and colleges,We have lush tropical gardens suitable as weddings grounds and offering a most tranquil setting for honeymooners,We also provide banqueting services for private gala functions, dinners and parties,We facilitate a variety of indoor and outdoor sporting activities such as swimming, mountain climbing, rock climbing and hiking. We also have onsite a squash court, and a lawn tennis court.

To continue evolving within the local and international hospitality industry through nurturing our core values which are driven by the personality of our people while delivering a sustainable and efficient service with passion to our customers.
Naro Moru River Lodge strives to be the preferred provider of hospitality services that exceed customer expectations. The company seeks to do so while improving the living standards of its employees and the local community. The company will ensure optimum shareholders return and security of their investment, whilst contributing to environmental conservation.
“Natural & Hospitable”
  • Natural- we take pride in our natural location and so continue to nurture, care for and maintain the lodges’ environs.
  • Hospitable- our persona reflects comfort and warmth, our people striving constantly to make you feel at home.
  • Excellence- with energy and efficiency we strive to maintain unmatched standards at the lodge.
  • Reputation- we value our reputation and seek to provide consistent, reliable and trustworthy services.
  • Loyalty-our loyalty is to our customers who remain our number one priority.
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